My 2019 summer favorites

H E R O E S of  W W II were honored at the 75th Anniversary of D – Day and we were honored to be present at the ceremony.  It was a fabulous, fast paced trip through Europe with our friend who is a high school history teacher and several students who are history buffs.  We merely came along with some other adults, no chaperone duties involved, just soaking up the history and sights of Europe.  It was memorable and our hearts swelled with pride and emotion as the survivors of Normandy were honored and those who had died.  God bless them!

The Heroes of Normandy

Normandy France…we attended the 75th Anniversary of D Day and here is a vintage photo of the heroes from that day long ago.

Saw the Queen in London, she is beautiful!!!

A coach and a creative..seated on a bench in Covent Gardens on a cloudy day in London…

Saw this Van Gogh painting while at the National Gallery in London, yes it is amazing in real life.

Stopped by the Rijksmuseum in The Netherlands, snapped this photo in the outdoor garden.

My Aqua LOVE journal which I shared on my first ever FACEBOOK Live during Playful Experiments, an online forum where I was an instructor, part of 21 SECRETS studio.

C O L O R A D O  S K Y

The view from our tent while camping at Chatfield Reservoir

Our grandson camped with us..his first time sleeping in a tent!

Gifted And Talented Art

The Mountain That Loved A Bird

My Gifted and Talented Art students created the illustrations for this production at the Colorado College Summer Music Festival.  It was a very special opportunity and performance.

Gifted And Talented Art

The Mountain That Loved A Bird

I took a summer art workshop and created my first ever pastel painting.  Thank goodness the instructor lent me his pastels because my big box store brand paled in comparison to his Sommeliers.  It was a productive workshop and moved me out of my comfort zone!

Flowers in my garden

And as the end of August nears, the blossoms are fading.  Already the shadows are getting longer, sunsets are earlier and there is a slight chill in the evening air.  Time to start lighting our chiminea.

The view from our friend’s lovely mountain-home deck.  We spent a week-end here and also saw the B-52 band at the Dillon amphitheater.  It is one of my favorite places to visit during the summer.  We walked the streets of Breckenridge, rode our bikes along the Blue River, and enjoyed delicious eats at Sauce on The Blue restaurant.

And during the summer weeks I took care of this precious one, my granddaughter Ella Leigh.  We are grateful for her little life and the blessing she has received.  Ella has recovered wonderfully from being sick for many months and now at 7 months, she is thriving, happy, and strong.  

Big brother is a joy also and spending time with my son and his family warms my heart.  Landon’s cousins sent him face paints for his birthday.  Woohoo..and, grandma – a.k.a. Mimi, had a ball painting his cute little face.  Moments like this are ones I truly treasure.  

During the in-between time I found time to sketch.  This is in preparation for my upcoming Southwest Landscapes class that starts in September.  With Labor Day week-end coming up, schools already in session, the days of summer are behind us.  I hope you had some special moments creating art, spending time making memories with your families, looking up at the sky, and keeping your eyes open to see the wonderful gifts of our natural world. 

Bonjour France!!


A beautiful village built on the side of a hill in Provence.  At every turn, this village delights with shops full of unique treasures, quaint restaurants, a cathedral, hotel, views from every vista, and winding streets full of surprises.

Shop windows in France display curiosities and are works of art themselves.  I find myself stopping to taking photographs, meandering inside the shop, and wishing I could take it all home with me.  Those who dress the windows make everything look lovely, and appealing, it is an art form unique to Europe.


While walking to dinner in Provence, I glanced up and saw these beautiful shutters.  They were the most amazing color of lavender and the perfect adornment in this land where rows and rows of lavender grow.  The fields are full and the shops are too.  Little sachets are plentiful, full of lavender buds, fragrant, and tenderly wrapped in muslin.   The land in France is a living canvas, and the rows of lavender, cared for by gardeners, are like paintings.  When the sun is setting, the shadows, and hues take on a captivating luster.  It is no wonder many great masters painted the countryside in France. Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, Cezanne, Pissarro, Morisot, their landscapes and images were influenced by the world around them.  It is a reminder to keep our eyes open and behold  the gifts of nature and also to….  look up!!!



St. Remy has a Vincent Van Gogh walk through town and ends at the hospital where Vincent was treated.  Along the path are signposts with his paintings, a brief description of a painting and where Vincent painted it.  We walked this path in the late afternoon. The scenes and images were characteristic of his paintings and I could see how he responded to the landscapes with his unique creative language.  His colors were vibrant yes, but so is the landscape he painted.  How fortunate he was, to allow his creative intuition to guide the way, and use colors and shapes that came from within.  After all, as artists, this is what we seek.  Not to mimic another, but to find our own way of expression that responds to the world around us.   Vincent Van Gogh was a true master, under valued during his time on earth, yet timeless.  His body of work is a treasure and walking in his steps was special.  It gave me a deeper appreciation of this artist I admire. If you have not seen the film, LOVING VINCENT, you must!  It is a wonderful piece of art and tells a beautiful story about one of the world’s greatest artists.