Demo painting tip

When teaching a painting class I like to paint my demos on newsprint coated with clear gesso.  How many times have I bought newsprint for a class and never seem to use it up.  This is a great way to upcycle those pads.  Using a foam brush, coat the newsprint with clear gesso and it removes the porous quality of the paper and gives it new life!  Now acrylic paints or inks or all matter of mixed media can be added to the paper.  I really like this technique because when teaching I prefer to focus on my students and their work. Painting on newsprint gives me freedom and I am not as invested on what is on my easel, rather I am more engaged with what is happening on yours!  And if my painting worries, I can toss it or rip it up and use it for collage.  Painting on newsprint coated with gesso requires a board with clips to hold it in place.  Any big box craft store has them and it fits perfectly on my easel.  Let me know if you give it a try and how it works for you.