Butterfly Coloring Book

A beautiful gift from my daughter, Vive Le Color – Butterflies – Coloring Book.  This is my first coloring book and now I totally understand the coloring pages craze.  It is a lovely process to take my colored pencils and color in between the lines.  Much of my mixed media art is just the opposite, pursuing creative abstract expression which is all about being outside of the lines.  There is something to be said for working with colored pencils to shade butterflies in a coloring book.  The designs in Vive le Color are exquisite and I love the book size about 6 1/2  x 6 1/2 inches, easy to put in my bag and take it along.  72 tear out pages of butterflies!  2015 was the year of the butterfly for me and this book was a gift oozing with love.  Thank you Laura!DSC_0402She purchased Vive le Color at one of our favorite shops in Denver, Artisan Center.  If you are ever in the Cherry Creek shopping area this is worth a stop.  They carry a unique collection of gifts from around the world, lots of unique items by artisans and creatives.DSC_0420I am using Prismacolor  Colored pencils and have finished one page.  Bright colors, shading in some areas, and being precise by staying in between the lines is a delightful way to spend time.  It is very peaceful to choose just the right pencil for a particular spot and know that however it turns out is OKAY, no pressure.  Just like art journaling, it is a process activity, one that nurtures my creative spirit and let me say, this is addicting!  No wonder sales of adult coloring books are skyrocketing, we all long for creative expression in this digital, analog, age we live in.DSC_0407


One page complete, and another underway!  With a hankering for spring right about now as the snowfall at my house totals 18″ and winter wonderland abounds, these pastel colors take me to a different time and place.  Such is the beauty of art, all types of art, any type of art.  It transports us back to childhood or takes us on a new adventure.  How fond are my memories of using Crayolas to create coloring book pages when I was young.  Now, with my new Vive le Color Butterfly book I am experiencing a throwback to childhood but with a different twist.  I am using marvelous colored pencils which create a finer line and a different look.  It is a blast.  There are numerous coloring books on the market featuring a variety of themes and designs.  I encourage you to check them out, you might find the perfect one for your creative muse.   Time for me to finish up this butterfly with a cup of tea in front of the fire, oh joy!