Happy Easter

Peace be with you….


The Duomo in Florence, Italy was completed in 1436. A feat of architecture that still baffles many as to how the dome was constructed.  This cathedral is one of my favorites, a masterpiece of beauty and engineering… the art of man unto The Savior. To take this photo I had to walk up a tiny circular staircase in the tower next to The Duomo, hundreds of steps.  But it was so worth it!!  Cathedrals are fascinating and to see this one from a unique vantage point was incredible.   They are massive, intricate, and impressive with their adornments of glory and honor.  Today we still have many churches, not quite as fancy as the Duomo, yet they still offer glory and praise not in the form of a structure rather through active worship.  Maybe you find yourself wondering what Easter is all about.  Is there more to it than dyed eggs, chocolate bunnies and jelly beans?  This coming Sunday, Christian churches all over the planet will be opening their doors to persons of faith and seekers.   Maybe instead of just passing by, follow you heart and venture inside. In our present age there are churches a plenty; in shopping centers or schools, cathedrals, some are small or large, ornate, or plain, they are readily available. No matter the building, let your heart lead the way and rest assured…if you seek, you will find!

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