Linda SagastumeLinda Sagastume
Page Maker, Artist, WORD lover

For as long as I can remember I liked to make stuff.  Growing up, my sister and I spent hours doing paint by number kits, and coloring with our box of 64 Crayolas.  I had a craft box with glass alka-seltzer bottles full of sequins, quartz rocks, and glitter which we used to create our mini masterpieces.  When I was in 2nd grade Mom and Dad took us to the National Gallery of Art to see the Mona Lisa, it was the only time this famous painting by DaVinci ever left the Louvre.  Even at that tender young age, something about the painting moved me; it was so unusual with its dark palette, her interesting expression, and that teeny little line across her forehead.  What was that anyway?!

My entire life has been dedicated to becoming an artist.  Once I learned to trust my inklings toward color, shape and design something magical began to happen.  Art journaling was the key for unlocking my creative intuition and igniting a new passion.  It provided a playground for mixed media, a place to experiment and splash color however I wanted.  My goal is to continue creating art that reflects who I am.  As we are made by The Creator so we are gifted with a creative language.  We just need to learn to trust, express, explore and unleash what lies inside.  This is my passion, a journey dedicated to accessing creative intuition. And one I like to share with others because it is so much fun!