Art Over Lunch

“Creativity takes courage”   Georgia O’Keeffe

And if you have ever taken an art class, or dabbled in any of the creative arts, or ventured out during your lunch hour to explore art journaling, you know exactly what Ms. O’Keeffe meant.  Exploring something new and different,  being present…and letting your creative muse lead the way, that’s what happened when we made art…over lunch.  And it took courage!

Several employess from Colorado College came over to the art school and I had the privilege of facilitating an art journal experience.  Using black paper, gelli prints on deli paper and National Geographic pages altered with Citra- Solv, everyone made a landscape themed piece.

They came from a variety of departments; facilities, finance, global leadership, library services, athletics, and a host of others.

Each participant had their unique expression and they were comfortable letting their creative intuition lead the way.

Colorful and full of interesting themes, their creations were as varied as the departments from which they came.  It was a lunch hour chunk of time devoted to making art.  Isn’t it wonderful how Colorado College values the arts and makes this available to employees?

White gel pens were used for adding words.  Favorite quotes, music lyrics, or their own poetry were the suggestions I gave and each student easily found the perfect words for their art journal piece.  The feedback has been very positive and I am thankful there will be another opportunity to share something I love, art journaling, with the beautiful folks from Colorado College!  Kudos to all of you for moving out of your comfort zone, and letting a bit of magic happen.

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