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A little bit of Colorado

DSC_0679 DSC_0680 DSC_0689 DSC_0691 Took my camera out today and snapped some photographs around our property.  Yep, took the red Amaryllis outside just to see how it contrasted against the white snow and green bristlecone pine, sort of pretty.  But it was not too happy being exposed to the cold, ugh.   A Colorado postcard from me to you!


DSC_0011Love the white stuff, at least for the time being.  Come April and May, now that is a different story.  Today the sun was shining bright, causing the snowflakes to sparkle and glisten as the rays danced across the snowdrifts.  Against the cerulean blue Colorado sky, the effect was stunning!  Celebrating the flakes with acrylic paint, splatters/drips, and handwritten words in charcoal pencil. The colors I chose are not those that typically come to mind when thinking of winter and therein lies the beauty of creative expression.  The paint on the page started as a clean up page and it pulled me to transform the teal and yellow into an expression of snow.  The cool colors mingled with red  were a stark contrast, an experiment, an unplanned process of asking…what if?  This is what most of us love about creating pages in our art journals.  The process leads our creativity and we learn along the way.  We begin to trust our inklings, and let intuition bubble up from that place deep inside. The result, an unusual yellow snowflake mingled with greens, violets, red and teal.   Yes, this is my love affair!